Captain Demo's is a truffle hot sauce company, born and raised in Chicago, USA founded by John Paul Demirdjian. They are a family-owned business that produces what many consider to be the world's most luxurious, balanced, and gourmet truffle hot sauce. They take pride in crafting small batches, using their unique formula that incorporates genuine truffles, some of the world's finest truffle oils, and only the best chilies, garlic, and Tupelo Honey. This results in the liquid gold known as CAPTAIN DEMO'S Big Truffle Hot Sauce.

Throughout their journey, they've been privileged to collaborate with hundreds of chefs. These culinary experts often expressed a need for a truffle hot sauce that they'd crave both during their time off and when serving others. After two years of meticulous development, they proudly launched our masterpiece and are proudly found across the country in many retailers and restaurants and are now seen as one of Chicago's most distinctive hot sauce companies. They believe food is a family affair and it would not have been possible without the love of John's family, including his wife, kids, and parents! So enjoy Captain Demo's hot sauce from their family to yours.