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The FLASK is BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND - Our Double Flask Pack of Capt'n Demo's Big Truffle Red Hot Pepper Sauce has consistently sold out EVERY SINGLE TIME we release a new batch! These 200ML / 6.6 Ounce Hip Pocket Flasks are irresistible! It's bursting with tangy white and black truffle, just the right amount of heat....a touch of sweetness from real clover and Tupelo hot honey sets the stage for our expertly blended pepper sauce to take your meal to the next level! EVERY DOUBLE FLASK BOTTLE pack comes with a special travel bottle as a gift for that 5th pocket in your jeans....or to share with someone who loves truffle too! Get yours today while supplies last! Don't wait.....they will be GONE SOON!


Capt'n Demos Proprietary® Jalapeno and Red Chili Pepper Blend (Jalapeno Peppers, Red Chili Peppers, Water, Vinegar, Red Onions, Organic Honey, Garlic, Black Truffle [Tuber Melanosporum], Olive Oil Infused with White Truffle Essence, Spices and natural Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzonate as a perservative.

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What's The Big Truffle All About?

  • Real Truffles

  • Thai Red & Green Chilis

  • Real Black & White Truffle Oils

  • Calabrian Red & Green Chilis

  • Saffron & Garlic

  • Hot Honey

Answers to all your burning questions...

Yo Captain...Are there really truffles in Captain Demo's Red Hot Pepper Sauce?

You bet your sweet buccaneers! We use a proprietary blend of both real truffles, white and black truffle infused olive oils, and the finest truffle essence money can buy. Thinking about getting our own truffle pig. What should we name him / her?

How HOT is the sauce? Truffles are delicate and I want to be able to TASTE the sauce and not get "burned twice" if you know what I mean....player!

Our Sauce is HOT IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES and delicious in all the rest. Burning your face off is NOT what we are here to do. We comin in on the Mild Heat Scoville Scale - 2,000 - 3,500 SHU. That is on purpose...truffles are delicate and we have tested the right balance of heat, honey sweet, salt, sour, and savory to deliver the BEST truffle flavor money can buy. Enough heat...but we won't burn off your seat!

Are you really a captain? If so, what is the name of your current ship / former vessels.

Captain Demo is indeed a Captain. He was a captain of his varsity wrestling team in high school, he's founded and built several successful businesses (a couple shitty ones too), and he's co-captain of his family with his lovely and talented wife, Mrs. Demo. His personal boats have gotten smaller over the years, but he's the captain of every ship he's standing on (or near), knows what starbord and port means, can shot a flare gun, tie crazy nautical knots in your shoes...and has the sexiest sea legs to prove it.

Can you share a complete list of ingredients and your secret family recipe?

A good Captain never reveals his secrets...but the FDA says I have to share this full ingredients list :).

Ingredients: Capt'n Demos Proprietary® Jalapeno and Red Chili Pepper Blend (Jalapeno Peppers, Red Chili Peppers, Water, Vinegar, Red Onions, Organic Honey, Garlic, Black Truffle [Tuber Melanosporum], Olive Oil Infused with White Truffle Essence, Spices and natural Xanthan Gum.

How fast is shipping in the U.S.?

We partner directly with Shopify fulfillment to offer 2-3 day fast service to the continental 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii add 2-5 business days depending on when you placed a paid order. Listen.....we all know gas more expensive than it's ever been...and the supply chain is still recovering. We spend as much time lately negotiating freight and redesigning packaging to keep costs low.

What happens if a bottle breaks during shipping?

Well...a couple things:

  1. That truck is gonna smell AMAZEBALLS!
  2. We will make it right.
  3. Just send us an email (not a chat) at with a picture of the package and your order number, and the email address you used to order. If we can't find you, we can't replace your sauce. :) We will ship out your replacement Truffle at all.

Is Captain Demo's Gluten Free / Vegan?

Yes (sorta) - The Sauce is vegan and gluten free....and it DOES CONTAIN HONEY. Some specific vegan folks believe that Honey is not vegan and we will have to let you decide.

Captain Demo Himself (The person) is not vegan. He has many vegan friends who love his hot sauces and his cooking. They argue with him about putting it on meats and cheesy goodness....but somehow, we've found a way to remain great friends and cook and eat together. We embrace our difference and agree that Truffles are amazing!

Do I need to refrigerate "The Captain" after opening?

Chances are it will be gone in one sitting. Seriously. It's not necessary to do so, BUT, to be safe, as all Captains are, it's a good idea to shake it well and then refrigerate after opening. We like ours to be at room temp or apply DIRECTLY to hot food....and BOOM! CLEAR THE RUNWAY! WE ARE COMIN' IN HOT!!!

How do I book the captain for podcasts, kids parties, private cooking lessons, private dinner, stunt doubling.....arm wrestling tournaments, fishing excursions, or private sauce labeling engagements?

Send a detailed video request email to and we will make sure the Captain responds in 48 hours.

Any video submitted may be used in future advertisements and / or web copy. Hitting send is your consent to be part of the crew (online at least). So look your best, swab the deck, and keep it clean mates!

We heard Captain Demo has many nicknames...what are some?

He's been around the world, lost a few teeth, made LOTS of mistakes and is STILL pressing on! That is what captains do! Along the way, he's picked up a few really interesting friends, communicable disease (not scurvy) and more nicknames than a AA baseball team. Some favorites: El Capitan, Big D, Captain Chaos, Juan Grande, Sea Biscuits, Big Sexy, The Maestro, much time you got?

The People Have Spoken

Based on 14 reviews

This stuff is fantastic. I have to order 3 bottles at a time to keep enough around the house.

Hot Sauce Lover Has a New One

I tried this hot sauce after a friend suggested it. I was originally interested not only because of the suggestion but because of the quality of the ingredients. The order filled the same day I placed it and the packaging materials were top notch to protect it during shipping.

After trying the sauce on a variety of things it found its home in my rotation on my over easy eggs at breakfast. That certainly won’t be all I use it on but for now I’m loving it right there. Nicely balanced flavors and a very pleasant touch of heat that follows.

Chefs Love It!!

One of the best premium hot sauces on the market. Not to hot more flavor than anything. Chefs add salt to food to bring out the flavor in food. Capt'n Demos's brings the flavor to the food. We use it in our tomato sauce and our truffolo sauce for out wings!

Absolute... Cap'n Demo's sauce takes your taste buds on a sumptuous journey, swirling through the depths of gastronomic delight, coating your stomach with velvety richness and an exquisite dance of flavors. It's a culinary symphony that leaves your stomach singing with joy, a harmonious blend that transcends mere sustenance to create a symphony of satisfaction. Cheers to you Captain and his loyal pirates!

Capt’n Great

This is the BEST Hot Sauce that I have ever had. Put it on Chicken , Pork, with eggs , just about everything. I’ll keep purchasing.

Great Dirty Santa Gift

I use Capt'n Demos on most everything needing a lil kick (of flavor and heat). I bought the Quad-Druffle Truffle as my Dirty Santa Christmas gift. The guy who got it loves hot sauce. Winner, winner. Capt'n Demos on his dinner.


I have ordered 2 boxes now and it has arrived quickly and with a personalized note! I LOVE this sauce! It is especially yummy on mashed potatoes and eggs. I am addicted!!!


Excellent Packaging
Very Fast Service


One damn fine hot sauce. Perfect blend of truffles and peppers. You could use it on just about anything. A+++

We love it, smooth with a bite of heat.

Fantastic newly flavored hot sauce for me 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃🌶️

When all the cards are down, all hope lost, and the light grows dim at the end of the tunnel….
You, the Poseidon of truffle hot sauce, emerge from the depths of the hot sauce ocean atop a five headed hydra of drumsticks to rescue those who cannot rescue themselves. Thank the old gods and the new for sending Capt’n Demo’s my way.

Also, thank you for helping me maintain my weight.

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